King Solomon’s Mines

King Solomon’s Mines – H. Rider Haggard

සොලමන් රජුගේ දියමන්ති ආකාර – Chandra Anagirathna

Today, I bring you a unique book under the old book category. How many adventure books have you read so far..? Which books are in the top 10 of your adventure list..? So, I think if you have read the King Solomon’s Mines of Haggard, it should be a memorable book.
Yes, it is true!
Although published in 1885, it is a still popular book among adventure booklovers. This is the first book of Allan Quatermain series and the book that gave to Haggard the right start to go a long journey.

This story is told by Quatermain as an after note of his adventurous journey. There he says that, though I rarely read a book, but I’m not a writer. I am a hunter! Because then the reader doesn’t expect a brilliant writer from the book. So, it seems to me as a clever trick used by Haggard in writing. Quatermain begins the story with the same time meeting Sir Henry Curtis and Captain Good during the voyage to Natal in South Africa. In fact, they had come to South Africa to meet Quatermain. Sir Henry’s wish was to get the help from Quatermain find his brother, Neville who disappeared some time ago. By matching Quatermain and Sir Henry’s details, they decided that Nevil has gone has gone to King Solomon’s mines in Suliman Berg by following a legend. Finally, they decided to go to King Solomon’s Mines in search of Neville. In addition to the few Zulu people, Umbopa who is strong and haughty, joined them on the journey. And his joining was caused to many incidents in later.

This journey was very difficult and overcoming the obstacles of wild animals, they roamed the hot deserts This journey was very difficult and overcoming the obstacles of wild animals, they roamed the hot deserts without water. Also, they had to climb the snow-capped peaks without food and finally, the reached to a cave at the peak (one of Sheba’s breasts according to the legend of José Silvestre). They were horrified by what they saw there and the owner of the legend (José Silvestre) had died inside the cave like an Egyptian mummy. But they went forward and when they saw the valley below, their eyes were unbelievable. It was, as far as they have seen, a very fertile and beautiful plain. Its small jungles, flowing river and wild animals enhance its fertility. But is this paradise, safe..? You can realize it while you are reading this story.

Interestingly, the story is brought to an end, and the reader is drawn to it. Haggard has written a great book for all past, present and future booklovers with a find blending of curiosity, fear and humor. Also, the Sinhala translation excellent by Chandra Anagirathna.

Brief Description of the Sinhala Translation:
Title: සොලමන් රජුගේ දියමන්ති ආකාර
Translator: Chandra Anagiratne
Publisher: Dayawansa Jayakody & Company

G A Y A N I J A Y A B A H U ✍


One thought on “King Solomon’s Mines

  1. I enjoyed this when I read an abridged version for children, a few years back. I would be interested to reread the full fat version at some point.


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