Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girl With A Pearl Earring – Tracy Chevalier

මුතු කරාබුව පැලඳි යුවතිය – Ganga Niroshinie Suduwelikanda

First, I saw those dark innocent eyes and there was something unexplainable in her eyes. I saw the pain of not getting something from those eyes.

Her name was Griet, a 16 years old young woman who lived in 17 century, Delf, Holland. After blindness of the father, the family burden was taken over by mother, but she couldn’t carry it alone. Therefore the eldest daughter, Griet had to help her mother. First time, that Griet met the Vermeer, when he and his wife Catharina came to her home to find a maid. After this arrival, a different feeling about him came to her mind, because he is different in natural. I think he may have felt the same way. Finally she had to go to Vermeer’s place, because the family was in starve.

As like as a maid can not expect good responses from her lord’s daughter, Griet had to face many difficulties. Since the arrival, she has had to work hard in the house. On some days, her delicate hands burned by iron while listening to residents’ insults. But after several days, she had to go and clean the Vermeer’s art gallery and this was the first time she entered into his world.

Griet, who had an artistic eye from her father’s legacy, could see his art gallery with an artistic eye. She had to more care about the previous condition of the room and clean without any noise. But artistic eyes met frequently. They spoke with eyes and hearts, through not in words. For days and weeks they worked in tandem. He saw a hidden beauty of her and it was an idea to paint him a new one. She entered into his color world had he gave the light to watch the beauty of it. Although his wife is a perpetually disturbed woman, the old woman, Maria Thins kept a close eye in all this silently.

Meanwhile, the son of the butcher Pieter came to Griet’s life and he was a single, strong and stable young man. He tried to win her heart and family. She endured a lot more pain than when piercing the ear for wear pearl earring.

Using symbols, the story is superbly composed, keeping the reader up to the end. So at last I can recommend as this book should be appreciated by readers.

Also, the Sinhala translation is much different than the translator’s other books and she has used a different style in here as I saw.

Brief Description about the Sinhala Translation:
Title: මුතු කරාබුව පැලඳි යුවතිය
Translator: Ganga Niroshinie Suduwelikanda
Publisher: Wijesooriya Grantha Kendraya




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