The Bitter Berry

The Bitter Berry – Christine Wilson

තිත්ත කෝපි – අනුලා ද සිල්වා

Are you a coffee lover..? ☕
So, wherever you are, will refreshing your body and the heart from the smell of the coffee..?
Also, if you get a chance to spend a moment alone in the cold mountains, in a garden which full of coffee smells..?
I can understand what you’re thinking at the moment.
So, today I’m taking you to Tom and Sarah’s Coffee Estate in the mountainous of Ceylon, covered with cold winds and mist. This is the story of Tom & Sarah!

This is where the story begins, in 1859s in a cold, gloomy night in England by meeting two cousins who haven’t seen each other in years. At that time in Ceylon, Hue Neville, who had a reputation as a successful planter, met his cousin Tom as a clerk in an insurance company. Hue invites his cousin to be his neighbor by selling the ownership of a large estate in that golden island. Although lives in the city, Tom Neville is a person who loves to the nature and this earth.

Meanwhile, making Tom’s life perfect, he met beautiful Sarah as his soul mate and married.They match each other so much that Sarah also loved to the nature and a kind-hearted woman. Finally, they decided to start a new life in the cold misty mountains in Ceylon and said goodbye to the queen’s land. Days, weeks and months after a difficult journey, at last they came to the Lantana Estate, their future. There is a little cute clay house, in the middle of the land which is 500 acres in size and its their new home. Thus, they started their new life journey with the Coffee.

Machinery that needs to be modernized, labour issues, troubles of wild animals and environmental issues of the land.. How does Tom solve these problems on his own because he is a beginner for coffee plantation. How does Sarah live in an isolated house in misty mountainous in Ceylon which she came from England..? All these are new experiences to both of them. Once upon a time, in the midst of trouble, Sarah & Tom were lucky to see the coffee flowers like snow in their estate. The whole estate is just like a paradise when the coffee flowers bloomed like snow. Pretty Sara is the fairy of this paradise. Making that paradise more beautiful, a little fairy has come to the nest of Tom & Sarah. Whatever the difficulties, they loved to this golden land by the bottom of their hearts. Their entire lives were tied with coffee.

When after read this book, I felt the losses, sadness, happiness, comfort and love, but they were not like the feelings that I have from other books and it is so special. The reason is that, I am also a citizen of this golden Ceylon who was born and raised. Whenever you read this book, the smell of the coffee will sink down inside of your body by touching your soul. At this moment, from wherever you are tasting a cup of coffee, there is a huge and priceless effort in the behind of this coffee cup and probably this why the name of the book is called Bitter Berry.

My thanks to the translator who brought Sarah & Tom story by Christine Wilson into the hands with us in Sri Lanka (Ceylon ❤ )

Brief Description about the Sinhala Translation:
Title: තිත්ත කෝපි
Translator: Anula De Silva
Publisher: Sooriya Publisher


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