GIKOR – ගිකෝර්

“The most sensitive book in the Soviet literature by Hovannes Tumanyan”

First, I was heard and seen this book from a social media article by the translator that before publishing the book. When after reading that article, my heart was shaky for a moment but attracted to the story. The translator, Muthumudalige Nishshanka, has described the book and story as this is;

“By the name of the Gikor that you are reading, is a creation like amulet of Armenian literature. It is just like Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens, which Europeans are telling during the Christmas season. But Armenian elders are telling the story of the Gikor along with their kids during the Christmas season and even in other time periods. “

Gikor was a 12 years old small boy who lived in a rural village with his poor family. Although they were being lived with middle of poverty, it could not stop the small Gikor’s freedom and the happiness. He stayed a calm and happy life with his village friends by playing always. But in one calm sad morning, his father Hambo wanted to take Gikor to town to find him work, by saying he can get on in the world. Gikor’s mother mourned not to take the child from home. Hambo did not care nobody and he was in his decision. That day Gikor had to say goodbye to his mother, Zanny, younger brother Gallo and neighbors. Gikor kept looking back and he saw the everyone is still standing at the edge of the village. He saw his mother was drying her tears from her apron. The poor boy wanted to run to his mother by dropping the father’s hand but father holding his hand tightly. At last, the village has been hidden already from view behind the hill.

Since then, the story has been flowed by shaking the hearts of all readers. The author has written the story by creating the sympathy of all readers’ hearts. Also the translator has translated into simple Sinhala language while doing justice to the first book. I felt the pain and sadness of the life, like as an Armenian. This story will give the experience to living with others by sharing grief.

Thank you to the author and translator to see the sadness of the life for all booklovers.

Brief Description of the Sinhala Translation:
Title:  ගිකෝර්
Translator: Muthumudalige Nishshanka


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