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Everything, Everything

Yeah! It is a teenage love story. But she is differ than other teen girls. She is allergic to the world. It is a very rare disease and she hasn’t left her house in seventeen years. It’s a form of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency and commonly called as, “bubble baby disease”. Anything can trigger her sickness, even it can be chemical of a cleaner, perfume or exotic spice in the food. Yeah! It is unbelievable, but it is so.

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The Couple Next Door

It all started at a dinner party and it was next door Graham’s birthday party. Anne had already drunk too much of wine and no idea how much drunk. She reached clumsily for her cell phone to check the time and it was almost one o’clock in the morning. It was the Anne’s turn to check her little baby Cora. She looked at her husband Marco but it seemed he had no desire to go back and he was drinking wine.
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The Good Hawk

Once upon a time there was a clan called Clann-a-Tuath in the north side of the Isle of Skye. Agatha was a hawk who patrolling on the wall by guarding the enclave from enemies. She was a proud and brave hawk and considered it as a very important duty. She bornt as a down syndrome girl and differ from others always by internally and externally.

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