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The Ring – Danielle Steel

In the struggle for power, the greedy for power seek to trample on the weak and rise to the top. But is power eternal?
One day that power will dry up. But what did the weak get? Only loss, separation and eternal grief.
The story begins with World War II and a noble family in Germany.
Love, how do you define it?

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

James Rollins’ second book I read was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull“. As for James Rollins, he is best known for writing action-adventure/thriller, mystery, and techno-thriller novels. The story begins with Indiana Jones and his accomplice being abducted by a group of Russian soldiers while excavating in Peru. Its leader, Colonel Irina Spalko who wasย  a beautiful, intelligent but fierce warrior in KGB. What is their purpose?

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The Rag Nymph

This story took place in the 1800s. One dark day, a beautiful young woman was running along a deserted road with her six-year-old daughter. She was being chased by two police officers. Meanwhile, pushing the girl towards Aggie Winkovski, who was loading her hand cart with old rags, which was her daily job, begged her to protect her.

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