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The Rag Nymph

This story took place in the 1800s. One dark day, a beautiful young woman was running along a deserted road with her six-year-old daughter. She was being chased by two police officers. Meanwhile, pushing the girl towards Aggie Winkovski, who was loading her hand cart with old rags, which was her daily job, begged her to protect her.

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The Silent Patient

It all started with a heartbreaking murder. Alicia Berenson, a talented painter, shoots and killed her husband, famous fashion photographer Gabriel Berenson. When police arrived after a phone call by Barbie the next door woman, Gabriel was tied to a chair and shoot several times. Alicia was looking like a ghost, holding the gun and Gabriel’s blood was flowing.

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My Angel My Hero

Have you ever seen an angel or a hero in your life..? Or has there ever been such a person in life..? Maybe your answer is “YES!”. Yes, there are very few such people. But this story is about an angel and a hero who actually lived. Snowe Mann, the angel of this story, was born in 1928 in Verginia as a beautiful baby with golden brown hair and beautiful kind brown eyes.

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